How to make Fried bean sprout with tofu (Thailand style), with picture and video

1. After cuting Tofu into cubic shape, then fried in soy oil with medium level of heat.



2. Prepared 2 oyster sauce+ 1/2 soy sauce + 1/2 sugar + 1 water , mix well. (quatity of all sauce may depend on you want)

3. Tofu became yellow, pick it out from pan, wait.

4.wash bean sprout with water

5. 1 head of garlic + thai Onion (Ton-Hom)

6. fired garlic in oil

7. put grind pork into oil

8. when pork get white then put bean sprout into pan ( watch video for detail, below)

9. Yeh Finished !!!  easy cooking thai traditional food with, Thai easy food for you

Video Here



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